So my last days as an intern are over. Empty days of internett scrolling after work and endless hours of netfix await… or?
I am an active person, not in the sense that I work out 6 times a week and go hiking every weekend, but in that I need mental stimulation and things to do. I need to think. Use my mind. Move around. See new things. 

So I have compiled a list of low budget things to keep me active while on the job hunt:

  • Check out the Museums in Oslo and new exebitions
  • Go to launch event of magazines and other relevant industry events
  • Take walks alone or with friends in the parka in Oslo
  • Catch up on my reading, favorite at the moment is Let’s pretend this never happend by Jenny Lawson
  • Rearange and clean my room to optimize space
  • Buy cheap paint and canvas an try to replicate art that inspires me
  • Write more about anything and everything to increase my skill
  • Start 30day yoga challenge to keep me healthy
  • Make a workout plan with a goal and stick to it
  • Pick up my camera again and take proper pictures 
  • Sell old clothes so that I have room for new ones
  • Watch docunentaries to learn new shit I didn’t know I needed to know
  • Be a tourist in my own city to find new awesome places
  • Visit my family to get free meals and sympathy

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