office inspo

I am so looking forward to decorating my new office. No matter what cubicle people tell you, and inspirational work space can do wonders for you creativity and well being.
What details do you love having at your work space?


art deco interior.jpg

I find myself longing for my own place. Having my own place must mean that I have grown up. Ascended into adult life. Not that I don’t love living with five other girls, having a massive room all to myself and low rent. But I am feeling the crushing pressure of supposedly being a grown up. With a grown up life. A grown up job. Grown up interests.
But me being me instead of doing anything about it I made a collage of inspiration for my fantasy grown up appartment.



Long, lazy days on the beach with a book in my hand.
Sand between my toes and the sun in my face.
Kids laughter among sandcastles and the sea hitting the shore.
Drinking ice cold water under a palm tree and eating a whole water melon with a spoon.
Nothing beats a really long holiday.