Work outfit inspo

Starting a new job sometimes entails a new dresscode. My intership outfits were a bit on the layed back side, but my new gig requires a touch of business. Corporate dressing is not natural dressing for me, but here I have found some inspiration that I thought I’d share with you.



office inspo

I am so looking forward to decorating my new office. No matter what cubicle people tell you, and inspirational work space can do wonders for you creativity and well being.
What details do you love having at your work space?


I spent the day walking around town, spesifcally looking for a new agenda because I’m starting my new job soon. I’ve had the agenda on my wishlist for a while, but now that I had set out to buy it the agenda was sold out everywhere. And because shipping to Norway is fucking ridiculous buying it online is a no go.
Maybe I’ll get lucky and snag up the new one coming soon!

Do you have any other tips of cool agendas?