So I got one of the jobs I applied for. I am now a Maketing Coordinator for the biggest theater production agencies in Norway. Fucking crazy.
Now I am scrabling about trying to figure out what I don’t know but need to know before I start this job.
I am so happy but so scared. Can I do this job? What if I fail? What if this isn’t the right career path for me?

I doubt I am alone in feeling this way, at my age, just stepping into the job market FOR REAL. A propper job, with propper wages, with a ton of responsibilities and talented coworkers.

Trying har to focus on the fact that they DID hire me, and that must mean that I am capable and likeable. Having career self esteem is difficult when, like me, you have been struggeling to get into the job market.

So here are a list of things that might help:

  • Set up a couple of meetings with your new boss to get to know the workspace and get an overview of what you will be working on the first week.
  • Try to learn a bit morw about the company and fine tune your relevant skill set.
  • Get to know you co-workers. Nothing is better than someone at the office having your back.
  • Buy new office stationary.
  • Plan you first day outfit.
  • Start your new bedtime rutine at least one week in advance so you don’t get super tired on you first day.
  • Bring something personal to you workspace to make it more your own.
  • Be patient, it always takes time to get the hang of a new job.

    Hope this helps, and share any tips you might have!


So being a kind of shut in/drunk party girl I tend to spend my hang over days in the fetal position with anxiety reading books that make me feel better. Above are to books that did just that.
They are crazy and funny and make you wish you were on ADHD medicine/cocaine even though you don’t need it just to have your brain work that way that fast.


So my last days as an intern are over. Empty days of internett scrolling after work and endless hours of netfix await… or?
I am an active person, not in the sense that I work out 6 times a week and go hiking every weekend, but in that I need mental stimulation and things to do. I need to think. Use my mind. Move around. See new things. 

So I have compiled a list of low budget things to keep me active while on the job hunt:

  • Check out the Museums in Oslo and new exebitions
  • Go to launch event of magazines and other relevant industry events
  • Take walks alone or with friends in the parka in Oslo
  • Catch up on my reading, favorite at the moment is Let’s pretend this never happend by Jenny Lawson
  • Rearange and clean my room to optimize space
  • Buy cheap paint and canvas an try to replicate art that inspires me
  • Write more about anything and everything to increase my skill
  • Start 30day yoga challenge to keep me healthy
  • Make a workout plan with a goal and stick to it
  • Pick up my camera again and take proper pictures 
  • Sell old clothes so that I have room for new ones
  • Watch docunentaries to learn new shit I didn’t know I needed to know
  • Be a tourist in my own city to find new awesome places
  • Visit my family to get free meals and sympathy


Earrings have always been this chic, powerwoman of an accessorie in my eyes. And disspaointingly one I never felt I could pull off.. untill resently when fuck it came to mind. So I went out and got myself some cheap big ass earrings, like the unemployed powerwoman that I am.

All Earrings available at http://www.missselfrige.com